Return of Doom

Jamie Doom is back in the game. He recently started updating his long-neglected weblog Doom in China (even though he’s not in China right now). Now his weblog is called “Doom in….” Presumably his weblog will be called “Doom in… China” when he moves back to China.

He kicked off his return to blogging with an entry about… me! Well, in part, at least. (Here’s my my version of that night.)

You’ll also be entertained by his story entitled “I Killed a Chicken with a Tennis Ball: Am I Evil?” (By the way, the answer to your question, Jamie, is YES.) There were also some comments on that entry which I found very interesting….

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised to find original poetry in his blog the other day. Poetry! Rarely do China bloggers tread that territory (except for Todd). I really enjoyed this work: New Water Lillies Bathe in Scented Breeze and Sun While Old Willows Silently Observe.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. I feel a little gruesome on his newest post. Still, that’s a rat.

  2. Broken link on “my version of the story” — and it’s a self-link, which makes it doubly lame!

  3. greg pasden Says: August 20, 2005 at 8:21 am

    Welcome back!

  4. That’s a nice site. Glad it’s back up and running.

    Brendan (and anyone else too lazy to search): Link on “my version” should go here.

  5. Huh? That link works fine for me. Anyone still having problems?

    The one zhwj links to will only be available for a little while longer… those are the old MT entries, and I’ll be deleting them all soon.

    (in Changchun)

  6. Don’t delete them yet – the Doom post is dated 9 Feb 2004, but the archive page for February skips over that date (and the 9 Feb archive page itself is empty).

  7. zhwj,

    I’m very confused. The link works for me, and it’s also in the archives page for me, both in the Feb. 2004 archive page (I used your link) as well as the Feb. 9, 2004 archive page.

    So the entry is definitely in the database. The question is why it’s not displaying for you…

  8. John, the link doesn’t appear to work for anyone else. You might want to check and see what happens if you log out of WP and try it — it may be in “draft” or “private” mode.

  9. Greg, thanks glad to be back. John, didn’t you make fun of my hula hoop skills in that post? I may have laughed out loud when I read it…but inside…i was crying

  10. OK, I fixed it! Brad was right… it was in “draft” mode. Why it was in draft mode, I have no idea. It seems something went wrong with the import process when I switched to WP. Hopefully there aren’t too many more old entries like this…

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