Shanghai Bloggercon Revealed!

Just in case your inner geek is the least bit curious about what went down at the Chinese Blogger Conference in Shanghai over the weekend, Micah offers a fairly extensive account.

So yes, I was curious how it went. Did I read Micah’s whole account? Yes. Do I wish I had gone? No. (I had to beat Shadow of the Colossus over the weekend! Man, that is a truly awesome, ground-breaking game.)

I think we can expect another account of the Bloggercon from a different angle out of Chinawhite very soon.

This is a pretty crazy week for me; I may take a short break from blogging. After that, I’ll be tackling some subjects/projects on Sinosplice that I’ve been postponing for a while…


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. So wait. The owner of arguably the most popular Shanghai-based expat personal blog played a video game instead of going to this conference? Haha, says alot.

  2. Carl, it does say a lot … about how intense that Shadow of the Colossus game must be. And it’s not arguable nor is it only Shanghai: Sinosplice is hands down, the most popular China-based English weblog, period.

  3. Note that this was the Chinese Blogger Conference. With an emphasis on the Chinese part. Not that there was hostility against non-Chinese, just a little national pride involved.

    I met an expat from Dalian who is freelancing, down in Shanghai for the conference. I happened to mention that my former co-worker here is also a weblogger and she immediately interjected “Oh, John!”. I don’t think she comments here, but she obviously reads Sinosplice.

  4. Heh… thanks for the compliments, guys, but I find it all kind of ironic, considering what I’ve been posting lately.

  5. I’d just like to agree that Shadow of the Colossus rocks the house. I played it the weekend before last, and I got up for little more than food and trips to the WC during the 13 hours it took to beat it.

    A little disappointed by the final colossus, but it’s the first game I’ve finished since Prince of Persia.


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