Foreigners Blogging in Chinese

The phenomenon of foreigners blogging in Chinese was once extremely rare. I remember when I started back in early 2003 there didn’t seem to be anyone else doing it. Then Alaric came along and blogged in Chinese with dedication (something I’ve never pulled off). He has gained quite an online following. Then came Todd, offering Chinese readers similar dedication and a different point of view. Another very noteworthy blogger is Carlo. His written Chinese is superb. A friend of mine has even started up his own: 帅土包子曰.

I fully expect the number of foreigners blogging to continue to grow. There’s a name for these blogs: CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) blogs. Now, they have even made it into their own page on the China Blog List. Bloggers represented in the list come from Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

If you read Chinese, check out the CBL CSL list (RSS feed to come). If you’re studying Chinese, these bloggers just might inspire you.

A big thanks goes to Todd, who collected about half of the links in the list.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Wow. These guys rock. Inspiring and challenging….

    I’ll definitely be adding some of them into my regular reading. Or even pick up their RSS feeds. Not that you’re a fellow devotee of all that kerfuffle….

  2. But what about us poor intermediate level CSL writer’s who struggle to balance time and work? HAHA..

    In any case, its nice to see that there are many other people out there embracing chinese as the new world language.

    Merry Christmas John. Alex

  3. Another prolific blogger is Uedada of “23區24小時–東京碎片”, who started the same month as me. But since he (?) writes in traditional characters, I don’t often read his entries.

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