Shanghai Streets: Best of 2005

It’s amazing how quickly Brad’s photography has improved, considering that it’s only a hobby to him and he still keeps a full-time job. I remember when he first started up his photo blog I wondered how long it would last. If the average lifespan of his past blogging attempts were any indication, I figured a couple of months, tops. But not only is his photo blog still going strong (albeit a little stuck on Christmas lately), his site has blossomed into the only resource I need for the music scene in Shanghai. If you haven’t already, visit Shanghai Streets, and check out the Favorite Photos of 2005 while you’re at it for some impressive amateur Shanghai rock scene photography.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Have to disagree with you on this. Much as I like Shanghai Streets and the photography there (and I look every day), the bits I skip are the music posts.

    Guy holding guitar and making hideous faces? Been seeing them since the sixties!

    Music is for the ears.

  2. Liuzhou Laowai,

    Well, it certainly helps if you live in Shanghai and see the bands live in addition to the photography.

  3. John: Thanks for the link. I finally had a chance to get out and take some more pictures over the weekend, so hopefully I can get back to daily posting.

    Liuzhou Laowai: While I disagree with you that music is only for the ears, I know most people aren’t as interested as I am in Shanghai’s underground scene, so I try to keep the photoblog and music sections as separate as possible.

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