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It’s time for a special treat. In fact, today you get two great treats in one: Flash animation and modern Chinese propaganda! It’s cheesey. It’s trippy. It’s got music, a disembodied constitution-procuring hand, voting, lime green birds, and a scene stolen directly from Disney’s “It’s a Small World After All.” Perhaps most mystifying is the fact that for all the people that appear in the cartoon, there is exactly one nose. Check it out for yourself.

Lovin' that Constitution


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Genius.

    I will now live a life of law abiding cleanliness, inspired by the wonders of the QQ “tejing”…

  2. I found that very depressing. Also, apparently the artist thinks that Chinese people all look like monkeys as it had a very Planet of the Apes feel to it.

  3. I love how at the end, as is normal in propaganda here, the various minority peoples are singing and dancing in traditional dress. After all, that’s what they do best, right?

  4. Scares me to death 🙂 That kind of stuff goes down bad with me. Thanks for the link.
    What do the traditional characters that wave by in the beginning say? I can’t read most of them, but it seems to be about Taiwan. Could be interesting?

  5. every single of them looks like a memeber of Gorillaz…feel good!

  6. Thanks to the magic of “Print Screen” and my lovely able to read 繁体 wife, the first two screens of characters are



    Unfortunately nothing very interesting.

  7. At least counting noses (nose?) gives those of us who cannot understand Chinese something to do.

  8. I thought all the charactors looked half asleep in the majority of the scenes, and I aslo have to agree with the comments above; Gorillaz band members totally!

  9. peepy,

    Gorillaz?? Come on, those cartoon characters are drawn much better than the ones in this propaganda toon!


    I agree with you that everyone looks sleepy. I guess maybe the secret to making the nation all harmonious is to keep everyone heavily sedated?

  10. But what the heck was it all about??

    I’ll have to see if I can find that song in MP3.

  11. It’s so scary that it’s cool! Such a peaceful, clean, happy, democratic country filled with police who will protect me, smile with me, and hold my hand. Wooo-hoooo! Now I’m even more excited about my first trip to China in April!

    Can anyone volunteer to translate/summarize the lyrics to the song? Must be something like this:

    Because we are the people
    The people of the country
    The country for the people
    A land like no other

    Because we are the people
    We vote to do our duty
    The duty of the people
    In a land like no other

    And flying kites
    And holding hands
    And helping each other
    In a land for the people


  12. Surprised there’s no mention of the Beijing Olympics.

  13. […] Sinosplice points us to some pretty, Flash patriotic propaganda for China. […]

  14. Nothing like the fun of critiquing cultural propoganda!

    Course, here in the good ole US of A, we’ve got Sesame Street to teach our kids bout hygiene (think the green Garbage dude, I forget his name! lol), letters & the Cookie Monster!

    We’ve also had cartoons promoting environmental brainwashing (think Captain Planet) and conservation (Smokey the Bear) and citizenship (McGruff the dog)… so it’s not like we can really say anything!

    Fun stuff!

    J P B. Grrr, SC (aka Greer, SC)

  15. noseless china cyber cops

    John at Sinosplice links to patriotic Chinese flash animation.: It’s time for a special treat. In fact, today you get two great treats in one: Flash animation and modern Chinese propaganda! It’s cheesey. It’s trippy. It’s got music, a

  16. bobby fletcher Says: January 25, 2006 at 8:14 am

    Reminds me of how US Army used violent video game as recruiting tool:,2101,63911,00.html

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