Chinese Driving Test

Talk Talk China has had some good entries about Chinese traffic (I especially enjoyed their use of Spy Hunter graphics), but my favorite commentary on Chinese traffic is now the China Driving Exam. It has lots of pictures (many of which are a bit frightening, to tell the truth), and the “test questions” are great. Check it out.

traffic jam

Chinese traffic jam (courtesy of Ape Rifle)


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. is that Shanghai? I don’t recognize those taxis. I thought it was another country…

  2. Is this Chinese traffic jam??? can’t believe…

  3. That picture actually came from a China Daily article a while back (I mentioned that when I posted the picture on Ape Rifle, I didn’t actually take the picture), and yes it is in China. Lanzhou, to be exact.

  4. Wow…fricken hilarious. 100% accurate, too. I have to get a picture of the styrofoam motorcycles sometime.

  5. That looks a lot like the traffic in Xi’an. Green taxis and buses everywhere!

  6. Noise, Distort, Bang…


    I remember once hitchhiking down from Auckland to Wellington with a friend who now lives in Taiwan. We got a ride out of Taumranui with a couple of French guys in a beaten up old Mo…

  7. Augen zu und durch – als Fußgänger im chinesischen Straßenverkehr…

    Auf den Straßenverkehr in China war ich vorbereitet. Theoretisch zumindest. Immerhin hatte ich das Buch Kulturschock VR China/Taiwan von Hanne Chen aus dem Reise Know How Verlag* gelesen und zwar die 6., aktualisierte Ausgabe aus dem Jahr 2004**. …

  8. wa.. it is the first time i met such traffic jam. everone knows the traffic in china sucks, the picture seriously shocks me.

  9. How does a foriegner acquire driving priviliges in China?

  10. should look at india

  11. Drivers here must be among the most uncivilized in the world with the impulse control of 6 year olds and about a similar ability to follow rules ( the rules – no right of way- likewise made up by someone with the brains of a 6 year old). Me, me, me is how it works and screw anyone else. Half the taxi drivers in the city where I live will, I guess, die from self-induced heart attacks before they get to 50, due to massively increased stress hormone production- all self inflicted from the way they drive- just appalling, complete and utter pillocks. I road bike here a lot and am lucky to still be alive I think- overtaking at hight speed directly into the path of oncoming bikes- me included- is competely commonplace-especially from the black sedan brigade. Just appaling recklessness all round. It’s also getting worse. I hope I survive to leave here in one piece. I’ve lost a considerable amount of respect for the people of this country. The levels of ignorance shown by drivers reflects a social mindset bereft of any meaningful idea of respect and fellow citizenship. And there are no traffic cops anywhere to be seen. China is a hell of long way from becoming a ‘normal’ society.

  12. well ,as we all know china is one of the crowdest country in the world , and as there are lots of people there ,lots of vehicles must be . Therefore problems like we see in the picture is quite ovbious to occur there . How streesful . I am lucky no to live there : ) greetings from chile.

  13. You should take a look to “transantiago”, placed in Santiago, Chile.



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