Satellite TV for Beer

Do you live in Shanghai? Do you want satellite TV? Well, here’s your chance to get a satellite dish with the box. All you have to do is come over and pick it up. But you have to leave beer.

The satellite dish and box once belonged to a co-worker of my roommate Lenny. The guy left Shanghai, and left his working satellite dish and box with Lenny. The thing is, neither Lenny nor I watch much TV, so neither of us is interested in installing it or dealing with the descrambling card hassle.

But if you like satellite TV and you have some beer to donate, this is your lucky day.

Here’s the deal: e-mail me before Friday night telling me the type and quantity of beer you want to offer us for the satellite dish (please don’t let it be Bud), along with your contact info. Whoever makes us the best offer gets to come and pick it up on Saturday.

Sorry, no pic… but I won’t demand a picture of the beer either.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Being completely unable to find an e-mail link – I’ll start the bidding here with a dozen Sam Adams.

  2. A beer auction! Genius!

  3. myrick,

    Top right of (almost) every page on the site.

    Thanks for the bid, but you’ve already been outbidded to the tune of 4 cases of Corona!

  4. Bah, six cases of Corona couldn’t compare to a six pack of Sam. Seek quality, not quantity. Nevertheless, I’ll see the Corona and raise it a half dozen Sam plus a Guinness.

  5. interesting.. next time if you’re selling some books, can I trade with… hmmm.. home-made cookies ? chocolate decorated even ? ;;)

  6. Sam Adams is one of the worst regional beers in the States, and that is saying alot. Not only is it completely tasteless, but tries to pass itself off as the drink of choice for New England’s upper crust. Sad. It barely beats out that Mexican, fratboy-loving, puma-piss on the Shit List. John I would offer you a twelve pack of Stella or a sixer of Duval, but a) I already have a dish and b) having lived with you I know that you have extraordinarily bad taste in alcohol. You might also want to let the contestants know that to use the dish they must have a window in their apartment pointing Southeast along with a place to bracket the thing and a hole to poke the wire through.

  7. john,
    you should post your offering on craigs list….they have a shanghai page. check it out at
    the shanghai page hasn’t quite caught on like the ones in san fran, nyc, etc…but even madison wisconsin has a thriving craigslist community. we bought a whole bunch of gently used (and very affordable) furniture for our new house! its a pretty cool way to barter or buy things.

  8. Carl,

    It must be lonely being virtually the only one with good taste in almost everything.

    Thanks for those extra satellite details.

  9. Heather,

    I considered craigs list, but I think this way is just easier…

  10. is good for the snoots. Personally I think Samuel Adams is pretty good, compared to what else you’ll find out here. The only imported beer worth buying. I prefer Newcastle, but that goes for 25 kuai/bottle, or something absurd like that…

    Where in Shanghai can you find Stella beer?

    Havana Club Anejo 7 anos Rum is available in Shanghai (unlike the US, for obvious if stupid reasons) – it is amazing.

  11. (please don’t let it be Bud)


  12. Apparently different countries have different concepts of “case.” As an American, the way I see it is:

    • six-pack (6)
    • twelve-pack (12)
    • case (24)

    Myrick has informed me that the situation in Canada is:

    • case (6)
    • dozen (12)
    • toofer (24)

    Lenny and I were pretty excited over the prospect of 96 Coronas, too… 🙁

  13. Stella can be bought at your local Parkson’s.

    John, it is indeed very lonely, but I take solace in the fact that it is somewhat comforting to look down on the dirty plebians below me. Sort of like an ant farm.

  14. hey, i had satellite TV system in my Guangzhou’s live place . In fact, i also like watch Star World channel “The American Idol” on Thursday, and the ETC “The Oprah Winfrey Show ” on sunday night…

  15. Bud? Corona? Sam Adams? Aren’t there any good Chinese beers?

    And why would anyone bother to export Bud!??!?

  16. Bud is in China so that you can drink it while you wait in an hour-long line outside Pizza Hut…

  17. No offence ladies and gentlemen, but 1 (one) bottle of Harbin Beer (green label; no fancy design on the bottle) is worth over 20 Stellas and unlimited number of American imports…

  18. Isn’t most of the ‘imported’ beer in China actually brewed in China anyways? One of the Beck’s beer reps here even admitted it to me.

  19. There’s no good beer in China because they don’t sell Scottish beer here and there’s definitely no such thing as a good Chinese beer. There’s drinkable Chinese beer but not good. Best of a bad bunch of other beers is Heinekin – but then again, that’s a lager where I come from 🙂 The only ‘beer’ worth drinking in China is real Guinness (stout).

    PS – Chinese beer is better than all American beer though. :-p

  20. Sinosceptic: Some Chinese beers are slightly better than Heineken or Budweiser, and that’s about as far it goes. Sam Adams is clearly better than anything Chinese, and many American beers are clearly better than Sam Adams.

    A quick googling on Scottish beer shows Orkney Skullsplitter, Dark Island, Red McGregor…hmmm.

    And Guiness is probably the best in China, true, but it’s, uhh, I dunnow…

  21. Jeff: “Orkney Skullsplitter, Dark Island, Red McGregor” – are micro-brewery beers and all ‘real ales’, although not representative of what is sold throughout Scotland. For the mass-produced market (if you ever get the chance) try a pint of McEwans 60/-, 70/-, or 80/- (/- = shilling, from when beer was taxed by the barrel by gravity) – now that’s real beer and all cask conditioned. Nothing like the beer made in England.

    I like Sam Adams, although I’ve only ever drunk it in Chicago or Detroit and I found it a little bit too sweet and too cold.

    As for “Guiness” and “but it’s, uhh, I dunnow…” not sure what you mean there. It’s a ‘Stout’, not too high in alcohol but… mmmmm, necatar. 🙂

  22. Whatever you do, let it NOT be the “Aussie” FOSTERS beer.. that Shit is exported out of australia for a reason.. Because Beer loving Aussies cant stomach it.

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