Shanghai Slaughterhouse

Fei has some really cool pictures of an old Shanghai slaughterhouse in his Flickr photostream:

Shanghai slaughterhouse

He tells me the slaughterhouse is in a pink building located in Shanghai at the corner of Liyang Road (溧阳路) and Haining Road (海宁路).


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. wow!!! so cool!!!! fabulous~~
    errr…is it a slaughterhouse??? @_@

    溧阳路 is in 虹口区. dunno where Hanjing road is… or is it Hanyang road (汉阳路)? Haining road (海宁路)?

  2. cool. wonder if they do tours…

    Kinda looks like that famous optical-illusion painting of stairs. the one where you don’t know if up is down or down is up..

  3. eway,

    The photographer gave me the names in pinyin. I found 溧阳路 on a map, but I couldn’t find a “Hanjing Road” intersecting with it anywhere… 杭金公路 doesn’t intersect either. I e-mailed the photographer about it, so hopefully he can tell us the Chinese names too.

  4. Da Xiangchang Says: July 17, 2006 at 1:48 pm

    Interesting pics, and a bit weird since I just helped out my girlfriend with an essay on Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle tonight! The photos were cool, but I don’t know, places like that scare the crap out of me. The pic where you can see Fei is especially troubling; looks like something out of a horror movie, 3 Extremes Part 3 maybe. “The Slaughterhouse.” You can almost make up a premise now. A Shanghainese man named Fei works at a slaughterhouse, but one day, begins seeing pigs’ faces where human faces are. He starts imagining his wife’s the leader pig and vows to kill her to stop his visions. He leads her to the slaughterhouse . . . You get the idea.

  5. omg…dont tell any horrible story… i will imagine it and scare myself at night… :S

    John, it might be Haining road. the photographer might misplace i and n, and thought i is j, so it became Hanjing. 😛
    Haining road is a main road in Hongkou, n intersects with Liyang road.

    i ve no idea about it either. havent been to Shanghai for quite a looooong time.

  6. eway,

    Wow, good guess! Fei originally made a typo. I changed the text in the entry to reflect the correct location.

  7. “海伦公园”吧?之后改名为“爱思儿童公园”。

  8. I’m gonna make a run on this place today.

  9. Professor Loco Says: August 12, 2006 at 1:48 am

    Soylent Green is made of PEOPLE!!!

  10. I actually did make it back to this place, but it was “closed to outsiders” so I couldn’t go inside.

    Anyways, I’m coming back to this post because I just saw it on the news! They’re reporting that it was one of three such slaughterhouses in the world, and the other two in England and the US have already been torn down. This one is now being renovated and turned into an artists’ colony and “innovation center”. The news showed mingong with sledgehammers banging away and the noise of electric drills ringing in the background, so… don’t get your hopes up.


    A 74-YEAR-OLD slaughterhouse is being turned into a retail market for luxury goods that is scheduled to open in July, project managers said yesterday.

    The new shopping center, called 1933 Old Millfun, will house jewelry and car shops as well as Western restaurants and other expensive outlets, managers said.

    “We want to give visitors a unique feeling in this unique construction,” said Zhou Jieyan, a manager with Shanghai Creative Industry Investment Company.

    Creative my foot.

  12. Michael Keane Says: October 19, 2007 at 4:36 pm

    Actually it’s located at No 10 and No 29 Shajing Rd, Hongkou District. I had a tour of it yesterday. The promo says: ‘Perfection creative experience center.Tobacco unique fragrance fils the air. Blues broadcast from the record player.Time seems to go back to 1933, Shanghai’….I belive it was a bourgeois place of renown before being turned into a slaughterhouse…


  13. It is turning into a commercial complex now.

  14. The latest rumors say that the American Apparel flagship store will be located there. Just to keep this thread going 🙂

  15. John Ooh Says: July 20, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    Any one know where I can find documentation on this project
    Thank you

    P.A. of State Assembly of Malaysia

  16. 1933 has been refurbished by the same group that created the successful 3 on the Bund building. It is a retail, arts, F&B project on a large scale and dedicated to the creative industries. I am involved in a very unique project inside 1933 called The Factory-Shanghai. A few places are open now and there have been a few big product launches there, but the main opening will be in October this year. Hope that helps. Check out

  17. is it really! what do they slaughter???

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