Time-Lapse Chinese Dinner

When I think “time-lapse photography” I don’t think “Chinese food,” but it really was a good idea. The meal really gets going about halfway through.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. And aside from putting on a scarf, the woman in white didn’t use the toilet once. If she’s the mother of those kids, perhaps she’s scared of the squatters. 😉

    Cool thing John.

  2. Da Xiangchang Says: September 17, 2006 at 3:35 pm

    Watching the video strangely reminded me of the time I went to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library. In it, there was a video of various questions Nixon answered for the library, and one question was the craziest meal he’s ever had. Of course, he said it was the 55-course he was forced to eat when he visited China. Or some crazy number like that.

  3. . . . and they’ll be hungry again in two hours? Or, due to time lapse, twenty minutes?

  4. LOL, we could’ve outdone that meal with Don’s recent 70th anniversary birthday banquet at Dragon 2000 in Walnut Creek. My cousin, Charles, was executive director for the meal and all menu items and Lynn/Wally were also in the house! We had three dessert cakes (two in addition to restaurants taro cake) and got so savage with the meal. Cool find on youtube, John!

  5. squatters? I don’t think that meal is from China.

    Looking at the plastic rice pot in the middle. Don’t see those in China…. rice is other either put into a big open bowl or served bowl by bowl by the waiter. The beer, those are 12 oz bottles. In China and Taiwan beers in restaurants are in the big bottles and shared… 1 liter I think. Also, there are soysauce and vingegar bottles in the middle of the table. The only time you would see a soysauce bottle on the table is when you are at some kind of dumpling house, where it is expected to pour soy sauce from a else… else… there is no need to put soysauce on food, and it didn’t appear they weren’t eating dumplings. The soysacue was reached for several times, despite the lack of dumplings…. very very atypical chinese eating behavior.

    lastly they are drinking tap water. ppl don’t really drink tap water in China and especially in Hong Kong. It can be argued that they are in HK, where beer and soda are served in cans as shown in the picture… but overall, I believe they are stateside.

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