Busy + Pecha Kucha

Busy week. We’re preparing for the October holiday at work, which means getting an extra week’s worth of work done ahead of time. Plus, I found out those essays I wrote got decent grades, and I’m eligible for a scholarship. I will be pretty stoked if this goes through. I have to hand in the complete application by the end of this week.

This also happens to be the week I got asked to do a presentation for Pecha Kucha Night. I was surprised that I was even asked. I’m not an architect or designer or artist or whatever. But I decided to go ahead and do it. My topic is How the Internet Hijacked My Life in China. If you’re a friend of mine, you might just find yourself in the presentation.

pecha kucha


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Overall are all good news, except a bit busy. 🙂

    That sounds a quite interesting topic. How about recording it, and sharing with us? 😛

    btw, John, I cannot open ChinesePod website. Anything wrong with it? or just the problem of my laptop? 🙁

  2. Hey John, I am also all for you doing a podcast or video postcast of the event if they’ll let you. It works well in tandum with your topic; record it, throw it on YouTube… Wang’s your uncle and you’ll save me a 30 minute ride in from Suzhou and a 30 RMB ticket… though I’m kinda hooked with that free drink.

  3. hallo again. Just writing to let you know the website of ChinesePod is working on well now… dunno what problems with my network or something was yesterday… Anyway, happy with that. A nice start of my day. 🙂

  4. Congrats for the invite!
    I like looking at pics that have a story. I’m sure most of your do. I guess who does a real nice job at this (with video tho) are the Korean’s and their music videos. They are great to watch even tho I don’t know what the song is saying (I don’t speak Korean).

    Will you have a theme?

    Good Luck
    I’ll be back in November
    … I need a date for next years event too

  5. eway and Ryan,

    Sorry, I didn’t have any way of recording it. People seemed to like the presentation, though. It was a lot of fun!

  6. Did you do a Powerpoint? Maybe you could put it online.

  7. Enlighten us: What is Pucha Kucha?

  8. it is really far away from my home to your Chinese Home. I live in Guangzhou. What a pitty i can not join your presentation. Hope you will enjoy it as always!

  9. what a random night – Was a fun presentation John, you got plenty of laughs, its worth posting the PPT just for your internet diagram.
    Longtime reader, first time poster… in Shanghai, 3 days into of a few months RTW trip. Was invited by a random lost architecture student I met in the street about 20 minutes before when she wanted to use my map …imagine my surprise when someone whose blog I have been reading from 1/2 way around the world (.au) was one of the presenters.
    What is ‘Pucha Kucha’…i got the impression it is presentations to get architects thinking, not always related directly to architecture.

  10. “How the Internet Hijacked My Life in China”. We really need you to give us some details ! Please.

  11. John,

    I really liked your presentation – join us next time and recommend some friends if you like!


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