Bad Subway Ad

There’s not much to do while waiting for the subway other than look at the ads (and also wonder if a crazy person might ever push someone else onto the track in front of an oncoming train). Here’s the worst one I’ve ever seen:

Horrible Subway ad

Just looking at it makes my intellect hurt. Never mind that I’m not the target audience… this is simply horrific.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Just looking at it makes my intellect hurt.

    That’s a great line…haha

  2. Look here you China Daily article feature laowai, 😉 you might not like this ad, but my Chinese sister-in-law in the target audience sure would. Her Qzone page is just as tacky.

  3. It’s like a bad web page.

    The worst subway billboard I’ve seen was a car ad whose tagline was “我跳!”

  4. It does make s me wish that I could read Chinese though.

  5. Besides the clashing of colors and themes, what’s wrong with it? ‘splain please!

  6. that’s one ad? for what?

  7. I think it is just a cultural difference. This ad is more appealing to the younger J-pop or K-pop lovers. If you read a Japanese language (you can try Walker Shanghai, it’s free) you will see the layout style is very different from what you are used to.

  8. I was thinking the restaurant Subway when I read the post title in my reader. In my mind, “Bad Subway Ad” is a very natural and logical statement. I’m gettin’ tired of that Jerry guy…

  9. Err… Jared rather. That bespectacled white dude is so generic I can’t even remember his name!

  10. Vincent, you make me wanting a sub for supper. I am going to get one right after I finished the day.

  11. Bad ad or just boring? Not being able to read the Chinese and not finding any eye candy here (incredibly ugly graphic design) I just switch off to it because it’s visual noise.

    More interesting would be to know who DOES get attracted by this ad? Someone with a very short attention span you’d think…

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