May Day in Zhongshan Park

I had off for the May holiday today, so I got to sleep in. After lunch I went for a stroll in Zhongshan Park.

Outside the park there were vendors selling pets. The main ones were rabbits, dwarf hamsters, chicks, and ducklings.

Pets for Sale Outside Zhongshan Park

Pets for Sale Outside Zhongshan Park

The park was crowded, but the weather was great. Some people (like me) were there just to walk around.

Zhongshan Park

Others were boating.

Boating in Zhongshan Park

Some were flying kites.

Kite Flying in Zhongshan Park

Some children were getting pictures taken in front of giant cartoon characters. (Hmmm, somehow I doubt those costumes were approved by either Disney or Jim Davis…)

Cartoon Characters in Zhongshan Park

And, coolest of all, some kids were rolling around on the water in those giant bubbles I wrote about before.

Bubbles in Zhongshan Park

(You can find these near the rear gate of Zhongshan Park, in an enclosed area labeled 童年时代.)


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. RSS seems to be dead again? It isn’t working here, although that could just be my machine.

  2. Peng,

    No, it’s working fine for me. I think maybe you checked too soon, since I did just post this.

  3. Cultural observations, looks like many are enjoying the holidays. Found it funny that the guy in the ball was wearing a full coated suit. It is like seeing vacationers hiking up a mountain on a sweaty humid day in a mini skirt and high heels.

  4. I think there is a Zhongshan Lu or Zhongshan Park in almost every city I’ve been to. There is even one here, in Xiamen, and looks almost exactly like your pictures. We have boats too, but their bigger, too big for the pond they are in.

    I so want a little baby chick. Of course, I want every animal I see. Especially, all the little pigs I keep running into in pet shops all over Xiamen.

  5. I think you mean Jim Davis?

  6. Chaon,

    Oops, yes. Jim Davis. Fixed it, thanks.

  7. Dear John:

    Always enjoy reading your site. This is the first time I leave a message. The reason is your subject of Zhongshan Park. In late March and early April, my wife, I, and our 9- and 3-year old boys spent 3 weeks vacation in Shanghai. We stayed in a hotel at the intersection of Changshou Rd. and Wuning Rd., so Zhongshan Park was quite close to us. Actually we went there three times. My two US born boys really enjoyed the kiddy rides and the quite large indoor playground in the park. My wife and I were happy to find a place for the two kids to vent their energy and for us to breathe in some fresh air. The next door McDonald’s is also convenient for us to feed the boys food of familiar taste. We’ve been back home in the States for 3 weeks now, my two kids are still fondly recalling their happy time in Zhongshan Park. Interestingly, though I grew up in Shanghai, I had never been to this park before this trip.

  8. yeah, fixed now… or never broken i guess i am just to gosh darn quick sometimes

  9. It looks like the little kid next to the unauthorized Donald Duck is throwing out gang signs . . .

  10. (Hmmm, somehow I doubt those costumes were approved by either Disney or Jim Davis…)

    You are probably right about Jim Davis, but Donald Duck was invented in 1934 and by any reasonable standard, it should be in the public domain by now. Of course it isn’t because Disney bought off from the US government insane extensions of copyright law.


  11. I saw those bubbles everywhere I went this May holiday, they must be really popular now!

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