Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3

I saw Spider-Man 3 in the theater yesterday (May 2nd) here in Shanghai. Yup, that’s two whole days before North America (or two and a half if you count in time difference). Oh yes. This is why I moved to China.

It felt like the movie was barely promoted here, though. There were ads for it in Cloud Nine, the mall where I saw it, but I didn’t see much promotion elsewhere. What’s the point of the early release in Asia if you don’t promote it? You’re just making it easier on the DVD pirates.

Oh yeah, so the movie… pretty good. Some good action scenes. Venom looked cool. Just don’t forget that at its core it’s still a comic book.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. As the film is different in China and in the US, the studio just prefer having on the market DVD pirates with the Chinese version that will stay in China instead of DVD pirates with the US version that could travel everywhere in the world.

  2. sweetness. we’re going tomorrow for opening day here in the states.

    btw, remember the geeks or whatever those little square cartoons were that we drew??

  3. I am sure “The Spider-Man ” will make lots of money here in China. That is why he came here. I donot see what’s wrong make DVD early?

  4. Heilong Says: May 5, 2007 at 8:34 am

    I saw it yesterday, I wont give anything away, but I felt it used far too much motion blur troughout every scene were spidy was swinging, it hurt my eyes. Yes it was good but alot of drama scenes could have been cut as it has way more than the first 2 films put togather. I was happy to see Venom onscreen but he was really underdeveloped, He could have been something special if they…..better not say yet as alot of you have yet to see it, Ill hold of comments until a latter time.

  5. The movie didn’t knock my socks off or make me want to have philisophical discussions aftward, but it was ok. I only found out it was coming to the international theater a day before its release when I saw the Spiderman 3 poster outside of Carrefour. There were only 8 other people in the theater with us when we watched it. Phil and I were the only ones who laughed at the comment – “What are you waiting for – the Chinese New Year?” and we were the only ones to get the Bruce Campbell joke on Peter’s last name. I heard one of the Chinese girls sitting behind imitate what she heard as if she was trying to figure it out, but I don’t think she understood exactly what it meant. I’m sure it was lost in translation.

  6. I saw it on the 2nd as well (not realizing I was seeing it before the masses in the US), and agree with Gabrielle… it didn’t knock my socks off.

    I loved the first two, and loved the comics. I just found that this one tried hard to cram a lot of cool Spidey storylines into one movie, hurting them overall. The whole black suit/venom angle was one that I was pretty excited about, but aside from the fight scenes, it just sort of lacked.

    In the end, unlike the other two, it didn’t leave me wanting another.

  7. spiderman 3 rocked …
    i liked it …

  8. Having read some reviews, I was worried it would slide down the same drain as Batman & Robin. Thankfully it does not.

    Couldn’t help but laugh at what the reporter said near the end.

  9. I guess the level of promotion depends on where you are. It was fairly heavily promoted in Harbin (see my blog entry for some pictures). Also the movie was featured on the weekly “Week in Movies” (or whatever the name is) show on the CCTV movie channel.

  10. Hi, long time reader here, but have not posted yet. Really great site and I also love what you are doing at Chinesepod it’s truly becoming the best language site on the web… for any language. I too am living here and Shanghai and went to see it by chance over at the theater in Xiantiandi, two days before everybody back home in U.S.. I had loved the first two and thought they were extremely well done. They had a depth and story line consistency that paralleled their great special effects. In short they were great movies. So in a sense I went in with a very positive attitude along with a good Shanghainese friend of mine…

    I must say however that this movie was nothing like its predecessors in my opinion. It was bad… I mean horribly bad. Sure there were great effects but the character development was awful and the story itself made no sense whatsoever…(spoilers)

    I mean, please, unexplained meteors falling next the only superhero in the city with unexplained black stuff making spider man different.. somehow.. Unstoppable sand monster with unlimited power created just because he happen to walk into some random “nuclear test plant”. Psychopath villain (That seventy shows actor) out for revenge and murdering Mary Jane and innocent bystander all because…. oh yeah Peter Parker caught him doctoring photos and lying…. all of this strung together in a never ending story that tries to be deep and philosophical five seconds after it is making fun of itself for being a story that has utterly no idea where its going and no real characters all of whom by the end we don’t even care about anyway. Mary Jane cheating on Parker with his best friend because they had one fight? Mary Jane not telling parker/spider man she was attacked and almost killed by new goblin/ Harry because… oh yeah no reason at all? In short I walked out just before the end… well I thought it was the end at first anyway, this movie has about 3 false endings.

    The most interesting part however is how I predict a Chinese audience might receive this. My good Shanghainese friend is not your typical Chinese and she completely agreed with me about the movie (I know don’t jump on me, I am not trying to stereotype Chinese and anyone who does so in a place as diverse and numerous as this is just stupid). I say not typical, because my prediction seems to have proved correct and most every other Chinese I have heard absolutely loved this film. I think many people are too easily impressed by the joy ride of special effects and don’t care to understand if the movie really “works” as long as they think its “cool.” The first two were cool, this movie however was an embarrassment to watch.

    Ah well, I am very much looking forward to the new Fantastic 4 though. That’s my two cents.


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