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Recently the Shanghai Daily ran a story about a new Absolut Ice Bar being constructed in Shanghai. Ice bars are fun, so I wanted more details. Unfortunately, the article didn’t tell either the opening date or the planned location.

Yesterday walking around Shanghai I sort of found the answers to my questions. Here’s how “open” it is:

Ice Bar

And here’s the location:


It’s right next to 138 Huaihai Middle Road (淮海中路138号). Maybe it’ll be done by mid-summer?


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. :S

    seems the chicken in egg himself can’t wait, either.

  2. I found it says the ice bar will open in late June, so… won’t be long 😉

  3. Oh, why i can’t reload the comment? always failed.

    I found it says the ice bar will open in late June, so… won’t be long 😉
    Bad news is the bar can only hold 60 persons, each supposed to stay in for at most 45 mins.
    Think there’s gonna be a plunder.

  4. We have one here in Helsinki, the entrance fee is ridiculous (10 euros). You get one drink with that, a big coat and you can stay there for 10 minutes only. I have never been there because I don’t think it’s worth paying that much money for.

  5. There’s one in Hong Kong.. (suppose you people know it). Fun for once, but I found it rather moist in there, appearantly to make the impression of coldness and ice stronger. I haven’t been there for more than once or twice. No entrance fee though.

  6. What’s an ice bar? Somebody please enlighten me.

  7. Ben said moist. The other Ben doesn’t seem to be able to figure out Google.

  8. Realizing that Ben Ross is a well-known China blogger and all, and I’m just the occasional commentator, I shall henceforth refer to myself by the name of BEn. 🙂

  9. ‘scuse me for getting anal yet again but..

    isn’t ‘海’ spelt as ‘hai’ in pinyin?

  10. Ben,

    Click on the story I linked to to read about what an ice bar is.

  11. Tuur,

    Ah, you got me. (Pinyin is so hard!)

    I fixed it.

  12. Can Shanghai feel me rolling my eyes at it? Cheesy, cheesy. Plus you can never get a decent Irish Coffee in those.

    Carl, you ever spin at an Icebar?

  13. Call me a wet blanket, but I can’t help but think of the massive amounts of energy it takes to keep a whole bar at near-freezing temperatures in places with warm climate, and all the coal that’s being mined and burned to generate it.

    But the original in Lappland was a cool idea, sure.

    But I guess it’s a free country. Or at least for bar owners.

  14. I prefer the term moist blanket.

  15. The bar officially opened this wkd, 22 June 2007. Aside from the bar, it has a restaurant too.

  16. Hello Everyone,

    First ABSOLUT ICEBAR SHANGHAI is the seventh ABSOLUT ICEBAR in the world after the one in London, Tokyo, Milan, Stockholm , Copenhagen and one in ICEHOTEL. It is the biggest in Asia and the other one that you can find expect Tokyo in Asia are fake Icebars. It’s important to know that absolut icebar is a franchisee and it’s a concept developed by ICEHOTEL and Absolut vodka. All the ice come from Torne River in the artic pole of Sweden and took 30000 km to get to Shanghai. The ice is clear, pure and cleaner that water, the freezing process makes it crystallize and the ice have a natural blue lighting.
    It’s a permanent ICEBAR but the design of the bar will be change every six months.
    Everything inside is made of Ice even your cup for your special absolut cocktail.
    100 RMB, ONE DRINK, 45 MINS
    B1 Infiniti Plaza, 138 HuaiHai Zhong Road 12pm-12am

  17. It’s open now, but doesn’t get very good reviews (at least the food there): 5 Below: Absolute Icebar Review

  18. […] comment from Sophia on June 27th, 2007 from this page said: ABSOLUT ICEBAR SHANGHAI is the seventh ABSOLUT ICEBAR in the world after the one in London, […]

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