Hang Your Chinese Food on Your Cell Phone

Years ago I wrote about tiny Chinese food refrigerator magnets. Chinese food has returned, this time to grace our cell phones. My friend Kris spotted these in China a few weeks ago, and recently gave an update with a better picture:

Chinese Food Phone Accessories

For a detailed run-down of what the food is, check out Kris’s entry on it. He also comments:

> They are basically rubber, but after inspecting a few I’m still not convinced the hongshao rou is not the real deal just encased in a thin transparent plastic.

I ran into a vendor for these things twice in the past week just outside of Shanghai’s Changshu Rd. subway station (exit 3) at about 6pm. He asked for 8 RMB for one. Kris was asked for 10, but was able to bargain down to 5 if he bought more.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Accessories for an accessory is a weird concept for me. Just like those charm things for Crocs. At least the food is kind of interesting.

  2. Hey John, thanks for the plug, but it looks like I’m being blocked right now in China. Those of you outside the PRC shouldn’t have any problems.

    Where did I go wrong! Do the powers that be have Chinese food hanging from their cell phones?

  3. In a pinch, I bet the rubber chicken foot could substitute for the real thing.

  4. I’m now on a quest for a chicken-head phone charm.

  5. As far as I know, sushi should be categorized in Japanese food, not in Chinese food. I love the chicken feet accessory best.

  6. I love the Chinese steak…the only thing missing is the maccaroni.


    Looking at those keychains is making me hungry! That sounds soooo weird!

    got shrimp?

  8. haha, those are indeed cool, a great gift to bring back for friends back home.

  9. Awesome! I would buy a Chinese Doughnut (aka “oil stick” aka “you tiao”) and hang it from my front belt buckle. Then I’d look for the honey sipping on hot soymilk (ala “dou jiang”) and ask her if she’d like something to dip into her beverage.

  10. My daughter and I looked at these and She’s gonna get a sim card for her cell-phone so she really wants one and also she’s gonna buy her friend one. SINCERELY,Cynthia

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