Snow in Shanghai

It snowed in Shanghai today, lightly as snow goes, but pretty heavily for Shanghai. A quick look at the Flickrverse reveals:



Snow in the Neighborhood



Note: Most of these are not my photos. Click through to see who took them.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Like the first one!

  2. “Light as far as snow goes”??? Now I feel like a wimp – yesterday I felt like I was caught in a blizzard!

  3. That was a lot of snow yesterday!
    Some of the pics are really nice. I like the second one. I only took a couple of pics this time. I preferred to keep my camera in my bag when I was out yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Jeffrey D,

    Well, my friend Pepe was on a train to his home in rural Hubei, and got stuck in a train station in Hankou (near Wuhan) for like a day because of a blizzard.

    So I’d say yeah, this was pretty light… (heavy for Shanghai though!)

  5. Awesome! It’s been almost 5 years in a row hasn’t it? – wiLson

  6. No snow last year, and 2 years ago I only saw it snow once, for a few minutes, it was tiny tiny flakes that were hard to notice.

    That is just about the way it should be! Except it should also be tropical.

  7. Its a real treat that Shang hai is getting some sonw as well as the rest of ๅ—ๆ–นใ€‚(I am usually stationed in DongBei so anywhere south of Beijing is considered Nanfang) This year Im back in Ireland but heard the ShenYang(where I live in China) got little to no snow this year, last year was crazy, 5ft of snow, the local people told me it was the deepest they have seen in 50 years. The weather is getting strange of late.

  8. Love the design of first pic.

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