Mao: History's Biggest Pimp?

I can’t really believe this, but it’s still hilarious:

> In a long conversation that stretched way past midnight at Mao’s residence on February 17, 1973, the cigar-chomping Chinese leader referred to the dismal trade between the two countries, saying China was a “very poor country” and “what we have in excess is women.”

> He first suggested sending “thousands” of women but as an afterthought proposed “10 million,” drawing laughter at the meeting, also attended by Chinese premier Zhou Enlai.

> Kissinger, who was President Richard Nixon’s national security advisor at that time, told Mao that the United States had no “quotas” or “tariffs” for Chinese women, drawing more laughter.

> […]

> “Let them go to your place. They will create disasters. That way you can lessen our burdens,” Mao said.

> “Do you want our Chinese women? We can give you ten million,” he said.

> Kissinger noted that Mao was “improving his offer.”

> Mao continued, “By doing so we can let them flood your country with disaster and therefore impair your interests. In our country we have too many women, and they have a way of doing things.

> “They give birth to children and our children are too many.”

Story on Yahoo: Chairman Mao proposed sending 10 million Chinese women to US: documents. (via Hank)


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. ah, Valentine’s Day in the Chiner Couldn’t think of a more suitable post than Mao the Pimp.

  2. Chairman Mao was a sex maniac, as it turned out, who in his later years did in fact prove unstoppable. Around 1953 the “Great Hero” ordered the People’s Liberation Army to provide him with a steady stream of fresh, young, attractive female “recruits.” Leading General Peng Dehuai, later purged, bitterly complained about having to pimp for Mao, comparing it to “selecting imperial concubines.”[5] Unlike imperial concubines, however, who had lived in the Forbidden City, had a certain status, and were well cared for, most of Mao’s date rape victims were warned by his bodyguards never to speak of what had happened—and sent packing.Frontpage Magazine

  3. I don’t know about pimp, more like that Henny Youngman with the “Take my wife…please” bit.

  4. Now that I’m back living in the States I wish they had made the deal…

  5. Do you think Clinton would have gone for that deal?

  6. Ha, I wonder if Mao was aware that Kissinger once said “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”

  7. Joke of the Centery Says: February 15, 2008 at 11:37 am

    If Henry Kissinger can not tell from a serious talk to a joke, then he is just too intensive in front Mao -:)

  8. 02 14 08
    I’m Asian – not Chinese – does it matter – this is STALE PROPAGANDA – at least the offspring that resulted would probably have had a variety of PH’d’s, etc. America is a pleasant place but its lying lefr, right & center – look at the 02 13 08 farce over what levels people will fall to just to hit/throw a ball (perhaps basketball’ score ponts in tennis; swim; bike ride, etc) – its deplorable – ASIAN BASHING – we should all stand up & boycott as much as possible things AMERICA?

    • WOW I am not too sure what you are saying but I guess English is your 3rd of 4th language. This is not Asian Bashing it is sharing some thoughts about an extraordinary group of men in an extraordinary meeting that changed the US of A forever.

      The most powerful was meeting with the most corrupt to have cigars and tell lies. Maybe that is Man bashing; I don’t know I guess I am not as sensitive as you. That aside Mao was a sex addict, rapist (those under 14 in most nations are children they can’t consent to sex), pedophile and leader of the largest nation on earth.

      If you imagine that no Chinese women came to America (USA, Canada and Mexico) after these meeting then you Asian Fairy can surely imagine flying with you little pink wings

  9. I was shocked too. According to 鳳凰衛視, they cited PM Zhou’s words “Great man is mere a human.” to get out of it. Sounds better? sill

  10. I don’t see what the problem is. Basically Mao was offering: instead of coming here to find hot asian girls, we’ll send them to YOU. I mean, WTF is the problem? Why didn’t we take this deal?

  11. kind of ironic since today Chinese men are in excess due to years of selective abortions and infanticide…I’m sure all those Western guys in China marrying Chinese girls (i.e. Mr. Pasden) isn’t helping the situation too much either.

  12. If you can, take a look at photos of Chinese women in the Seventies. No “hot asian girls” to be found, I assure you. The hardship and scarcity of those days sure showed on their faces.

  13. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

    If you want to see LOVE in Chinese, check this out:

    I found it useful.

  14. Kissinger should have responded by offering to send lots of English teachers to China who would marry Chinese women and reproduce many children which could also cause disaster for the country.

  15. This is just old boys having a few laughs at the expense of woman. Can’t take it as serious diplomatic foreign policy.

  16. don’t forget who mao’s wife was at the time…

  17. Hi John, up here in Vancouver, Canada, and I was able to grab a book from the Chinese center here. It’s called “The Private Life of Chairman Mao” and is written by Mao’s personal docter of 22 years from 1954 to 1976 when Mao died. It’s a good 700+ pages and I read it in two days. A boring book except the descriptions of the three to five women orgies and the swimming episodes or when Mao and his wife would have temper tantrums. It actually is a lot of repated themes and motifs of lifestyle – basically, Mao had the same issuses as recently deceased Heath Ledger – insomnia. Mao would pop 10x the normal amount of sleeping pills because he couldn’t sleep. He died with genital herpes and another STD that doesn’t have a name in English, holes in his left lung from smoking, and friendless. Even with his knowledge and confirmation of the STD’s by personal doctor, Mao continually had “young women” and “young nurses” to satisfy his appetites – thus spreading disease to the next generation. He, like previous leaders, believed consuming young women was essential for long life. Rod Steward, the rock legend, said the same thing but in a more rocker sense, “Keep playing futbol and keep shagging.” Mao’s a sad story and from the insiders viewpoint, I cannot fathom what caused people to this day to worship Mao as they have. – Wilson

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