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It’s August 8, 2008 (08-08-08), and I’ve now been in China 8 years. (Yes, it’s my Chinaversary!)

It almost feels like something special should be happening on this day…

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John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. absolutely,there are something on the air! just enjoy it“` 😉

  2. No kidding!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a coincidence…

  3. Congratulations! Good luck with everything!

  4. chinachano,

    Coincidence? Or a carefully orchestrated decade-long plan finally coming to fruition??

  5. Ha! I’ve always suspected you, John Pasden, of being behind this crazy event up in Beijing. Could never prove it until now though!

    In all seriousness – happy Chinaversary.

  6. Congrats.

    But also the 20th anniversary of the 1988 Burma Uprising (8888 Uprising), where over 3,000 people were killed by the ruling military junta. Too bad things have yet to change there.

  7. It’s as if they planned the Olympics just for you…

  8. Congratulations! Happy Chinaversary!

  9. “It almost feels like something special should be happening on this day…”

    may be you get some “After Eight”….



  10. John, “good luck!” = Preparedness. In terms of furniture design, “simplicity” = complete overthinking and obsessiveness. Or to quote Lynn on our previous dinner in Marin, CA, ” the more things change, the more things are the same.” – W.

    p.s. Watching the Olympics, as the camera panned Roger Federer (Swiss tennis player), the commentator stated, “it’s his 27th birthday” as he was walking through the birds nest on the 080808 Olympics. There needs to be something said about it! =) the feeling as if the stars are aligned – it’s a bittersweet one! Congrats on eight years in China – that’s dedication and commitment worthy of praise. More to come!

  11. On August 8th, it was also 88 days until the US Presidential election on November 4th. What a small world…

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