Churchill and Hitler: Evil Supervillains?

Yesterday in the bookstore I noticed these two books, titled 丘吉尔 (Churchill) and 希特勒 (Hitler):

Churchill and Hitler

Now am I crazy, or do these two historical figures both look really evil, perhaps Churchill even more so than Hitler??

Apparently this was just a bad choice of photo (and color) in the cover design, though; if you click through to either Churchill’s or Hitler’s pages, you see lots of other books in the series. Only Mussolini looks as evil as these two.

According to the introduction on Amazon, the book about Churchill is not an explanation of how he was actually Britain’s greatest supervillain. That’s a relief.


John Pasden

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  1. The Churchill cover appears to be based on Yousef Karsh’s classic photo. Here is a bit about the photo and the less famous smiling version:

  2. Ray Walsh Says: July 15, 2010 at 8:25 am

    I think the book cover shows Churchill as the evil man he was. Hitler of course was evil too, but Hitler, was not the first to bomb civilian targets behind enemy lines. That was Churchill. This event changed the way wars are fought forever. Chuchill initiated a stratigic bombing campaign that deliberately turned the second world war from a war between combatants to an unlimited war of terror and brutality against civilians, and he did this at a point where Germany was bound to have an absolute defeat regardless.

    The firebombing of Hamburg – more than 50,000 civilians massacared
    The high explosive and phosphorus bombing of Dresden – 150,000-250,000 civilians wiped from the earth.
    (The British first droped high explosives on the German residences, then they droped phosphorus bombs in order to create a firestorm to anahilate every living thing in Germany’s most beautiful city)

    In 1910 as Home Secretary he suggested forced sterilization for 100,000 “degenerate Britons” in order to protect the “race.”

    Also look at his hand in Irish history, and Iraq during the 1920 rebellion.

    He also was (a well documented) out and out racist.

  3. Ray Walsh Says: July 15, 2010 at 8:28 am

    eeeks –


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