Busy Moving AllSet Learning Office

I’ve been very busy this past week with AllSet Learning. The growth of the business has necessitated a new full(er)-time assistant whom I’ve been busy training, and at the same time, our host office, Xindanwei, has just moved. That means the AllSet Learning office is now located in Shanghai’s trendy French concession area. If you’ve been delaying your visit because our previous location was not cool enough for you, your wait is over. The new address is:

> No. 50 Yongjia Road
> Shanghai, China

> 中国上海市永嘉路50号

Here’s a shot of the new location:


I put a few more shots on the AllSet Learning News blog.

Anyway, I’m returning to blogging as usual on Sinosplice this week!


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Looks nice, but if Google Maps is correct it’s right in the middle of a subway dead zone. 🙁

    • That’s what I thought at first, but it’s actually not bad. It’s about a 10 minute walk either north to Line 1/Line 10, or south to Line 9.

      I’ve been riding the bus, though, because bus 96 goes straight to the Xindanwei front door, and the starting point is right by Zhongshan Park Station (on Kaixuan Lu, just south of Changning Lu on the west side of the street, by the 7-11).

  2. Sounds awesome. Glad to hear business is taking off ! 😀

  3. John, you MUST do something about your conference room’s floor … It’s full of scratches, and doesn’t really match the quality of the office … Just my 0.13 RMB. Zima.

  4. I poked around your site a few times and since I never saw any sort of pricing information, I thought that you were still in a part-time, mostly market-testing phase. It must be going pretty well if you’re moving, though! I really don’t know much of anything about the corporate market. Price discrimination (and price-insensitive clients) must be a big factor that makes it different for the sorts of classes, etc I’ve researched online.

    • The business is going well, although the recent movie is unrelated to that. The pricing varies a lot depending on client needs, so we give individualized quotes. The service is still mostly targeted at individuals rather than companies, though.

  5. The new office is freaking awesome. Thats the trendiest office i have ever seen…

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