A Rough End to 2010

This Sinosplice silence has gone on for too long! Time for a personal post.

Leading up to Christmas, I was preparing to make a trip back to the USA. This time that involved not only the usual gift-buying, but also getting a good lead in the recordings at ChinesePod, and also making sure that all of my AllSet Learning clients are properly taken care of the whole time as well.

What was meant to be a “short and sweet” visit was turned not so short by the massive snowfall in the northeast, canceling my flight out, and turned not so sweet by a bout of the flu. (I thought maybe the constant exposure to Chinese germs had me toughened up to the point of being nearly invulnerable to American germs, but this time I fell hard.)

It’s been a long and tiring 2010, but an enormous amount of good work has been laid for an awesome 2011. I’ve got lots more ideas for this blog, and I’ll be taking the time to write them up. (Now if only I could eat solid food…)


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Sorry to hear our favorite Polyglot is out of commission for a few days. Take care man, and congrats on ASL’s huge year!! Grab some Egg Nog. 😉

  2. Get better soon, John!

  3. Just wanted to say I’m feeling you! Both me and my girlfriend got knocked down by the flu while visiting China in November. So we thought we’d be in good shape back in the USA for the coming flu season….well nope…we’re both sick again!

  4. all set ?

  5. I find that any time I’m abroad, I catch a vicious cold. It’s not that foreign colds are any worse — they’re just different, and the body doesn’t know how to fend itself against the different cold. 🙂

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