Better Chinese, Worse iPad Skills

I’ve heard some good things about a program for school kids called Better Chinese. Like many modern Chinese learning programs, Better Chinese is also on the iPad learning bandwagon. This screenshot from the website features the app:

Better Chinese, Worse iPad Skills

Yikes! How’d they get a kid from the late 70’s to pose with that iPad, and why didn’t they tell him not to use a pen with that touchscreen?

I’m sure we’ll all figure out how to learn Chinese using these touchscreen tablets sooner or later…


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Thanks John! I love the 70s, so that’s probably why. Also, the kid’s using a stylus, not a pen. With all the budget cuts though, maybe we should have the kids use pens instead.

    Our new Discovering Chinese iPad Edition is the only app in the market that is geared for the classroom. Targeted at middle school and high school students, Discovering Chinese combines a popular, state-adopted curriculum with the advantages of the iPad platform to create a revolutionary language-learning environment.

  2. I’m sure the temporal police will/already have this sorted out and get/gotten the kid home where he can’t wreak any more of our iPads.

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