The Wheely Spotted in Shanghai

I saw this guy on the street the other day in Shanghai’s Hongkou District:


A little research seems to indicate that this is the Wheely 500W by BeInMove. €899 is over 7000 RMB. Not only is that expensive, but I’ve never seen this kind of thing for sale here. I wonder where this guy got it…

Update: it seems to be selling for 2999 RMB on Taobao. (Thanks, Brad!)


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Here it is on taobao for RMB2999:

  2. I saw the same thing about a week ago here in a subway station in Beijing. I can’t say whether it’s the same guy, but if it’s not it means they’re apparently is a market for them. Or some clever marketing is going on…

  3. seems to work, not sure it would fit my lifestyle i’d rather hop on my motorcycle

  4. i think i will buy one…. but i am not sure using this in CHINA is safe.

  5. Wow, I see these all over Beijing. It’s an epidemic. Are they popular in the west too these days? I may have lost touch, haha.

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