We All Scream for Bling-qilin

The Chinese word for “ice cream” is 冰淇淋 (bingqilin). [Somewhat annoyingly, it also has an alternate form: 冰激凌 (bingjiling), but we’re ignoring that one for the purposes of this pun.]

So from “bīngqílín” (冰淇淋) we get this:


Honestly, though, they could really be trying a little harder on the bling.

Via friend and ex-co-worker Jason, who’s new doing cool things at FluentU from Taiwan.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Got a chuckle from this one, well said, indeed a little light on “bling”, haha.

  2. Blingqilin should be ice cream with sprinkles on it.

  3. Is this 够不够 blingtastic?

    @shanghaiist: 快照:厦门的喜来登酒店犹如金光闪闪的蛋糕。Photos: Xiamen’s gold Sheraton hotel might take the ‘bling’ cake. http://t.co/a9OpIzKfdG

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