1. Brits around the world are having a jolly cup of Earl Grey over this post for sure.

    Love the accent though, afterall imagine Bond speaking 美语?!

  2. How true!

  3. Graham Bond Says: November 12, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    It may perhaps appear rather unbecoming for an Englishman to do this, particularly an Englishman who belongs to the proud and storied Bond clan, but may I interject the following….LOL. Or perhaps, LMAO is more appropriate.

    Is this screenshot from a China-made game/bit of software, out of interest? I can’t imagine my simplified Septic friends (the ones on t’other side of t’pond) being so naturally self-effacing. That’s our territory. As my East London brethren might say, ‘Git orrrff ouwr fack*n’ manor’.

    • Well, Valve, the company behind Steam, is American. Not sure what British connections (or single rogue developer?) there might be. Not sure if this is even real, though, to be honest.

      Some Americans are self-effacing… but also “simplified” doesn’t automatically equal “inferior” (or at least it’s not that simple).

      Anyway, I quite enjoyed this parallel.

      • Graham Bond Says: November 14, 2013 at 2:02 am

        No, no. Quite right. Simplified doesn’t mean inferior. I hope I didn’t imply that it did.

        And, for sure, not all Americans conform to the Donald Trump stereotype (maybe all Texans do though???:)). You appear living proof that humility did indeed sneak onto those pilgrim boats, though I’d argue that it has percolated, rather than proliferated, down the years. I think the conquering of the West, Teddy ‘I-Wish-Nebraska-Had-Elephants-I-Could-Shoot’ Roosevelt, and the rapid rise to global dominance after 1945 probably ensured that humility remained a bit-part of the American character. But, of course, one makes sweeping national generalis/zations at one’s peril! Hmmm…and that makes me wonder whether the old s-z conversion (you say ‘generalize’, I say ‘generalise’ etc.) counts as simplification or just bloody-minded contrariness!:) Heehee.

  4. Mickey Stone Says: November 18, 2013 at 2:32 am

    Surely you mean Teddy “You’re welcome for the National Parks” Roosevelt?

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