NES Classic in Shanghai

How much would you pay for a little plastic box of Nintendo nostalgia? In the US, the NES Classic is going for around $200 on Amazon, while the Euro version is selling for around $230, and the Japanese version for $140 (which you better read Japanese for). I’m not sure how guaranteed the device is to be in stock, even at those prices, however.

So I was a little excited to find stacks of these things at a game shop in Shanghai on West Beijing Rd. (北京西路), near Jiaozhou Rd. (胶州路). The price for the Euro version is 900 RMB (about $130 at current exchange rates).




If you’re in Shanghai and want to seek out the shop, stay on the south side of the street east of Jiaozhou Rd, and look for a blue Playstation sign.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. When it was going to be $60, I seriously considered it, but when scalpers bought every available unit, I decided to build a retropie instead. Now I have virtually every NES, SNES, Sega, etc game ever made, along with a ton of other functionality.

  2. The official listed retail price of the system in the U.S. is only about $60. I think the higher prices must be from unauthorized resellers.

    • Well, this was purchased from a game shop. I think it’s either authorized and charging more because of the short supply, or it’s just another gray market import so they can charge whatever the market will pay.

  3. Thanks for the info John. Will go and check this out…

    Talking about video games, any idea about other stores in Shanghai, apart from the ones in electronic malls?
    Many disappeared in the past years, and except this one on Beijing, I don’t see many of them anymore.
    For a collector like me, that really sucks..

  4. My first instinct seeing availability and price – are you sure those are real? Don’t duplicate get produced practically overnight?

  5. Is there anyone in Shanghai who loves to play NES\FC? Would be great cool to get in touch!
    Wechat: saerr87

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