Yes, that title is a Ren & Stimpy “Space Madness” reference:

Space Madness

(I’m proudly showing my age.)

So for the latter half of November and the beginning of December, my staff and I are doing a ton of editing, covering all 165 B2 (Upper Intermediate) grammar points (that number still may change) on the Chinese Grammar Wiki. If you’ve ever noticed that some of those grammar points need a little editing, I suggest you take another look. And yes, this book is finally coming!

I actually have a number of blog posts I’ve been meaning to write, but I guess that can wait until I get some more books out…

A new Level 2 Mandarin Companion title is coming as well.

And the You Can Learn Chinese podcasts continue, unabated…

Oh yeah, also doing this winter promotion thing for online Chinese lessons.

Busy, busy.

OK, back to editing!


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Am I missing something, or are the Winter Weekend deals more expensive than the $299 courses? For example the Christmas Three is three lessons for $99 ($33 each), whereas the $299 courses include 10 lessons ($29 each).

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