The Chinese Grammar Wiki Is Kicking Ass

Yes, not often are such bold words warranted when discussing online resources for grammar, but in this particular case, it’s pretty much required.

The AllSet Learning News blog has the full story, but here’s the key takeaway on all the progress the Chinese Grammar Wiki has made over the past year:

  • Increased total article count from 500 to over 1200.
  • Added English translations for all A1 (beginner) and A2 (elementary) level grammar points.
  • Added pinyin to the introductions of many articles.
  • Overhauled search engine for greater accuracy and depth.
  • Added a “grammar box” to the top right of all grammar point pages, featuring level, similar grammar points, and keywords.
  • Added keyword pages (example: ) and keyword index.
  • Set up disambiguation pages for toneless pinyin (example: “hao“).
  • Broke long grammar point lists down into themed sections.
  • Began adding crucial comparison pages, in which two similar grammar points are compared (example: 不 and 没).
  • Began collecting grammar points in earnest for the forthcoming C1 (advanced) list.

Also, there’s now a Twitter account specifically for Chinese grammar-related questions and requests: @ChineseGrammar.

If you haven’t looked recently, it’s definitely time to check out this resource again. It’s not going away, and it’s really gaining momentum.

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12 Comments to “The Chinese Grammar Wiki Is Kicking Ass

  1. lechuan says:


  2. lechuan, “to kick ass”就是英语俚语,意思是牛B/很棒.

  3. Max says:

    As an early-stage learner, let me thank you for the grammar website!

  4. Stavros says:

    Wiki Grammar is a fabulous resource. However, as a student who has delved deeper into Chinese, the advanced and irregular grammar still offers quite a challenge for me, especially when the verb is at the end of long running sentences – the kind of sentence which would be found in a report or news article, not informal conversation. I can read books at the register of reading such as the Chinese version of 丑陋的中国人 (the book is a rant), but I can’t read 他改变了中国 or 吾国与吾民 (both of these books are written in a more formal and reflecting style). As a learner who aspires to read books and articles written at the academic register of reading (also to write at this level), I am looking forward to C1.

  5. Luke says:

    This site is a gold mine.

  6. Ned says:

    The Chinese Grammar Wiki does indeed kick mule! One thought: Would it be possible to add pinyin to the Chinese characters as a mouse-over or something? Probably 大麻烦,but it would be quite valuable.

    • Taiko says:

      Mouse Over Pinyin is something really not necessary because there’s plenty of mouseover-pinyin add-ons available for your webbrowser.


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