Star Wars Set

The full two-trilogy Star Wars DVD set is already available for purchase in Shanghai in two attractive versions: the simple 6-disc set (60rmb) and the deluxe 10-disc set featuring the “making of” segments (200rmb). Both look extremely professional and come in a special case, shrink-wrapped and all.

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is actually a very clear copy, but it has unattractive “burned in time code across the top” for the entire movie. The other five movies in the set are perfect copies.

Here’s a picture of some silly lawbreaker posing with his illegal 6-disc Star Wars set:

Star Wars Trilogy

Whoever this shameless malefactor is, he’s got an awesome t-shirt. Screeching Weasel! Preach it to China!

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  1. Would love to own the set.They keep re-releasing the movies and its not fair on the fans,so piracy is clearly justified.
    They should have a boxed set for each star wars episode containing all versions of the same film.Maybe a pirated set would be better as originals are far too expensive.

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