Shanghai Book Swap

I’m announcing this late because I don’t want the story to be picked up by any major Shanghai websites. It’s an experiment, and we want to keep the numbers reasonable. If you’re a Sinosplice reader that lives in Shanghai, feel free to show up, though.

Shanghai Book Swap

Thanks to Tien for all the help!

Update: Although we only had 10 people, we all had a good time, and we all did some swapping. I’d say it was a success! We’re all hoping to do it again on a larger scale.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. wow! nice to know all the nouns.

  2. Is the diagram to help students to recognize books?

  3. Wow, as a Chinese, were I to be quizzed I’d have only known four of the parts: 封面 (frontcover), 封底(backcover), 书脊(spine?) and 扉页(leaf?).

    But I’d say this well-detailed diagram missed the most important element: the body pages of a book (书页, 书瓤), haha.

    And if the diagram is here to hint that participants of your book swap are to be quizzed on all these nouns before being admitted to the event, good luck guys!

  4. I’d also recognized the word 书角 (cover corner) but I would be hard pressed to claim having ever noticed it’s existence. In fact I would’ve incorrectly associated the word with a book’s page corner.

  5. 1 pm? I already have plans for today. Then again the only English books I have here are my php books, Harry Potter, LOTR and ‘Why men don’t have a clue and women always need more shoes’.

  6. Actually, somebody at the book swap was asking about Harry Potter. And I’d be interested in learning why women need more shoes. Next time, I also want to see more literature and non-fiction.

  7. How’d the book swap go? Would love to see some pix of the cats who rolled through. Tien and John, included! Good job on getting the event staged up – looking forward.

  8. eh, I would have come through with the non fiction if john hadn’t posted this a day before it happened!

    I know your site is hugely popular, but you have to give people sometime to prepare.

  9. Alf,

    Huh?? You live in Hangzhou!

    You would have come to Shanghai for the book swap??

  10. I thought about coming, too, but yeah, advanced notice would have been nice.

  11. I really like the poster. Well, I like the book diagram. =) Did you or Tien draw that illustration yourself?

  12. John B,

    I never imagined anyone would want to come from as far away as Hanghzou to swap some books. I told my friends in Shanghai about it 5 days in advance.

  13. Andrea,

    I found the book diagram image through Baidu Image Search.

  14. English books are expensive and I read a lot, so I’ve got quite a collection. I figure a nice day in the big city, a little new reading material, would’ve been perfect 🙂 If you have another before I move, make sure to let me know 🙂

  15. Thanks for the photo, Micah!

  16. wtf are books?

  17. Have you continued with the book swap? I have recently relocated to Shanghai and need books!

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