Who Wants to be a Patriotic Millionaire?

patriot millionaires

I have this bad habit of randomly sampling Chinese Flash animations and games from time to time. Recently I found this trivia game called 百萬富翁遊戲:愛國版 (Millionaire Game: Patriot Edition). It’s got trivia questions mainly relating to the Opium War and Republican China. I have never been a very good student of history, so between my ignorance and the annoying traditional characters it took me a few tries to win the game. But now I feel confident enough to take on those Hong Kong primary schoolers!

The game kind of made me wonder about Hong Kong’s version of Chinese history. Both the PRC and RoC have ridiculously stilted versions of history. How is Hong Kong’s? Did it change a lot after 1997? I really have so little contact with Hong Kong.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Personally… I wondered the same as you.

  2. The game’s name sounds funny to me. Yeah, I heard the Minstry of Education in Hong Kong had and is still trying to make Chinese history lessons more in-line with the version taught on the mainland minus, although I must add they still have a long way to go.

  3. Nothing has been changed but the offical name of HK:
    the HK Special Administrative Region
    The game is kind of fun.

  4. Looks like HK and China both suffer from a severe nose shortage.

  5. That game is a variation of a very popular tv game shows in HK, Australia, Malaysia and probably some other countries.

    Talking about history lessons, i wonder where can i get a school textbook on China history. It would be interesting to see how Chinese would interpret the Japanese invasion during WWII, and Communism.

  6. I wonder what brand of skin-whitening cream that girl uses.

  7. Money,

    If you live in China, you can get textbooks at any major local bookstore around the beginning of each semester, Aug-Sept. or Feb.-Mar. I brought a few back with me to the States. What they don’t teach about as interesting as what they do teach. Along with history books, you might grab a copy of “Sixiang” for primary schoolers and brush up on your Confucian morals.

  8. “I wonder what brand of skin-whitening cream that girl uses.”

    Good eye, Trevelyan. At least she has black hair. Japanese and Koreans often give their female characters light hair to help distinguish them from the guys, I guess.

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