Learn Chinese with Real Chinaman

I just found these on YouTube. Hilarious. Just watch.

The amazing thing is that there are apparently over 30 of them! The camera work and pedagogy don’t get any better over time.

The full description of the first one led me to believe that the whole thing is just mocking a well-meaning old Chinese man, but then why would it go on for over 30 lessons? Plus more and more effort is clearly going into the on-screen presentation with the later clips.

I don’t get it.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. 沙发! 楼主,我可以用中文留言吗(我的英文比较的臭)

  2. Learn English with the same dude.


  3. Dangerous competence for your ChinesePod, he he he he

  4. Some things shouldn’t be shared with the rest of the world, John. I saw that **** (self-edited) before now but wasn’t willing to share it with anyone else. It’s too… special.

  5. He sounds like the Japanese Stephen Hawking. Or maybe he is Korean. Maybe it is me, but he doesn’t sound like a native Chinese speaker. Plus, he wrote 和 backwards in the ‘Esy English’ lesson, which makes me suspect that he isn’t a “real Chinaman” after all.

    In any case, he’s awesome.

  6. Finally, a real Chinaman! They are so rare I thought I’d never see one.

  7. Real Chinaman doesn’t speak English at all, coljac!

  8. his writting 衣, obviously wrong. i know it’s hard to use mouse to draw, why not buy himself a pc board if he wants to continue the lessons?
    I swear to stay away from Youtube, it makes me look abnormal.

  9. The lessons are hilarious! I like how you can see a progression from the too-thin paintbrush to lined-up squares and pre-written characters and words in thicker brushes!

  10. That is so *&%$ing awesome!

    He’s using traditional characters though, as he uses a 繁体字 “ma” in lesson 23.

    That’s it for this lesson!
    so awesome…

  11. I only looked at the first and last clip on your site, but I don’t see what the confusion is from everyone. It’s just an old guy (who has been overseas a long time) and maybe a young friend of his trying to use the computer to teach some Chinese characters? Am I missing something?

  12. Lantian:It’s funny, because it’s a Chinese guy making a bad video!

  13. Sounds very much like and Indian accent to me.

  14. funny!

    presumably he will continue ’til he gets through all 3,500 characters promulgated by the Chinese Ministry of Education

  15. thank you all. i am real chinaman. you are watching real chinese lessons. your comments are really kind. all can help by spreading chinese to people
    who wants to learn. this is real cool.

  16. False Chinaman Says: September 7, 2007 at 6:28 pm

    Seeing the quality of the screen, movies must have been shot in some internet cafes…
    I guess we must head to the nearest eye clinic after viewing the 30 lessons…

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