1. 我印象深刻的:
    1 “Once upon a time I used to write a lot of “China is so weird” posts …… Then for a while I would write more tolerant posts,。”
    2“I’m kind of a shy guy in some ways…… ” haha
    3“having a Chinese spouse ” “makes things both easier and harder”

  2. Nice post, I’ve been mainly focused on the recent Sinosplice posts, and didn’t know the personal history behind the blog.

  3. 不好意思, 我经常来这里”潜水”, 今天也冒昧来”冒个泡”! 呵呵!
    个人一直都很关注你的Blog, 不管是语言学术方面的还是其他方面, 都很有意思, 而且很有帮助!

    继续加油哦, 期待你与大家分享更多你感兴趣的话题!

  4. May be you could do some more of those “china is weird” posts again, except now you could do ones that are still weird even after living there for 8+ years. Or may be ones about what isn’t so weird anymore, now that you understand the culture behind it.

    I really enjoyed the Snack Food ones you did, would love to see more of that as well. 🙂

  5. You gave some good answers. 🙂

  6. Great interview fellas.

    light487- I’ve been here roughly half the amount of time John has, but after 4+ years I have a “China is weird” moment almost daily. I bet John and other long-termers do too.

  7. China continues to be weird on a daily basis, but I think everywhere else does, too. People are weird, no matter where they’re from.

    That was a good interview. Where did he get that picture, though? Was it a 婚紗照 photo?

  8. 好喜欢你以前的照片。

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