Dog VS Cat, plus Thoughts

Recently discovered this hilarious video on Youku. Be sure to watch it to the end.

The video appears to be from Taiwan.

This got me thinking… “funny animal videos” (along with “cute baby videos”) belong to a small set of video types which has universal appeal. If you watch funny animal videos on Youku, you’ll notice that most of them come from outside China, and were simply “ported to” (copied and uploaded to) Youku. Obviously, it could go the other way as well, but for now, that’s less common. Why aren’t more “funny animals videos” from China?

Well there are a number of reasons… Household pets are not as common in China yet, and video equipment may not be quite as prevalent (although it must be getting close!). As these two increase, you can reasonably expect the filming of pets to increase, and with that the number of funny animal videos coming from China.

So I wonder… how long do we have before the majority of these videos come from China?


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. And how long before China closes the gap with Japan and takes over the “high-end” cute animal segement of the market?

    (a chimp buying tokens and taking a dog on the subway)

  2. Mark,

    Ah, very good question. I would guess that Japan will retain that title for a bit longer…

  3. not long ! lol

  4. 可爱极了!

  5. Oh, god, I hate cats. Even cute Chinese cats with wicked jabs.

  6. ….actually, Household pets WERE common in Taiwan.

    China and Taiwan are totally different, and Chinese people are different from Taiwanese.

    I think there must be something misunderstanding occurred?

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