The Storefront Brainstorming Gimmick

I snapped this photo in Shanghai under a light rail line:


So it’s an empty storefront with the following text plastered across it:

失业了! [Lost my job!]

租了个店! [Rented a storefront!]

不知道做什么! [Don’t know what to do!]

你们想吃啥! [What do you guys want to eat?]

留言告诉我! [Leave me a comment and tell me!]

一经采纳,红包奖励! [If your idea is used, cash reward!]

快扫码上车,挺急的! [Get on board quick, it’s urgent!]

给我扫! [Scan me!]

迷茫 [Perplexed]

It’s fairly obvious that it’s not a random person’s idea; it’s a company’s promotional gimmick.

I didn’t scan the QR code, but it’s fun to see stuff like this.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. might get you dreaming of what you could offer from that location. let’s open up a restaurant. fish tacos!

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