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Time for a personal update on some of the stuff I’ve been working on….

Chinese Picture Book Reader iPad app

Over the weekend AllSet Learning’s Chinese Picture Book Reader iPad app (v1.3) was finally approved! I am repeatedly surprised by how much time and effort the creation and maintenance of an iOS app takes. Although the app itself looks great, this is clearly not the best way for developers… it really makes me yearn for HTML5 apps.

That said, I’m really happy with what we’ve done! Sinosplice readers actually contributed ideas for this app’s new content, some of which is free, and some of which is paid. We probably should have added a bit less all at once to this release, but there’s still some more coming. Details about the release are on the AllSet Learning blog post: Chinese Picture Book Reader 1.3.

I’m also putting a lot of time into my (sort of) new Chinese graded reader project, but I’m saving more details on that for a future update.

The Chinese Grammar Wiki continues to grow. We’re adding more sample sentences and more translations across the whole thing, and while it’s already quite extensive in its coverage, it’s also beefing up across the board.

One thing I’ve gotten into personally (for fun, but also research) is Duolingo. I’m trying it out as a purely iPhone experience, and I chose French because I know very little about it, and I know that pronunciation is a challenge. Man, I’ve got some opinions. That’s a future post too, though.

I’m staying super busy, but I have a big long list of blog topics that will see publication on Sinosplice sooner or later. Because I’m spending so much time working on my own projects, it can be hard to not want to blog about them all the time too, but that would get annoying to some of my readers. If anyone has specific questions about what I’m working on, though, let me know, and the answers might just become blog posts.

If you’re interested in updates about all these Chinese-related projects I’m working on at AllSet, please do sign up for the newsletter. We won’t annoy you, and we’ll keep you updated!


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Lots of 同感 as I read this post.

    1) Frequent smaller updates are better than long gaps with no updates. We are in the same boat with nommoc. Recommend Mike Love’s newsletter from Pleco has good tips for all developers.

    2) Post away. Sinosplice, All Set Learning, Chinese Grammar Wiki… they are all you, and we all know it, plus my guess is no one minds that. Posting more on Sinosplice is totally welcome as far as I’m concerned. Regardless of topic. If it is related you, its fair game! Think less about where to post, and spend more time posting… : )

  2. I tried the picture book reader. I can’t seem to get the audio to work. Don’t know if it’s a bug or if I am doing something wrong.

  3. Duolingo looks so addictive. Great, the last thing I need right now with my 7-days-a-week work schedule is to start learning German.

    But I’ve been putting it off for so long…

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